Turmeric Benefits for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a type of inflammatory bowel disease condition, but the inflammation is restricted to the colon. However, ulcerative proctitis is an inflammatory condition of the rectum and considered as a mild to moderate form of Ulcerative colitis. Turmeric has the potential to provide symptomatic relief for both ulcerative colitis and ulcerative proctitis condition. [1]

Symptoms of ulcerative colitis

The Symptoms of ulcerative colitis includes:

  • Frequent finding of blood in stool
  • Stool contain large amount of mucus
  • Pain is not regular
  • Fistula and gut obstruction is not associated with ulcerative colitis
  • Rarely colonic obstruction observe
  • Surgical intervention usually provides successful outcome [2]

Turmeric is novel medication

Researchers considered that turmeric is a novel medication for treating ulcers. Because it has been found that 80% of ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract is due to administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and 10 percent due to H. pylori infection. Curcumin is a safe alternative of NSAIDs and has anti-microbial activity against. H. pylori. [3]

How turmeric provides benefits for ulcerative colitis

In ulcerative colitis, activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and matrix metalloproteinase-3 in intestinal mucosa mediates Interleukin 1 B (Il-1B) secretion. These pathophysiological alterations are noticeable in both IBD affected children and adults.  A study conducted on turmeric to know the detail effect of anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin showed that this active constituent of turmeric able to suppress p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and also reduces IL-1β. In addition, curcumin also effective to suppress matrix metalloproteinase-3. These effects of curcumin are dose-dependent. Therefore, proper dosing of turmeric/curcumin is effective to provide benefit in both children and adults suffering from ulcerative colitis. [1] Turmeric also acts as an immuno-modulator, as curcumin suppresses the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and matrix metalloproteinase-3. [4]

Besides this, another experimental research suggested that turmeric effect in reduction of nitric oxide and oxygen radicals levels and suppressed activated NF-κB in colonic mucosa indicate reduction of inflammation and improvement of ulcerative colitis symptom. [2]

Not only curcumin, the turmeric oil also has gastro-protective effect and prevents ulcer formation. Because, turmeric oil increases the level of several antioxidant enzymes level. [5]

Study evidences Turmeric Efficacy Against ulcerative colitis

  • A pilot study conducted in ulcerative colitis patients. In this study the participants were taking 5-aminosalicylic acid and corticosteroids to control the inflammation. In this study, curcumin with the dose of 550 mg twice a day for a month and in second month 550 mg thrice a day was recommended to ulcerative proctitis patients. After the end of the study period, all the study participants significantly improved their condition. Patients also stopped taking steroids. [1]
  • An experimental study showed that 50 mg/kg curcumin significantly effective to the amelioration of diarrhea, improve colonic architecture, and significantly reduce neutrophil infiltration and lipid peroxidation in colonic tissue. [2]
  • An animal study conducted on rats showed that increased level of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and matrix metalloproteinase-3 causes immune modulation in the colon and that may induce inflammatory condition. The resultant of this leads to onset the of ulcerative colitis. This animal study also showed that oral supplementation of curcumin has the potentiality to modulate p38 mitogen pathway and restore immunity. The antioxidant effect of curcumin reduces lipid peroxidation and prevents injury and related inflammatory condition of colon. [4]
  • A clinical trial conducted on 89 patients with ulcerative colitis reported that 1000mg curcumin twice a day in combination with sulfasalazine treatment for six months reduces the recurrence of the disease. [1]
  • One case study report also showed potentiality of curcumin to control the remission of the ulcerative colitis. A 60 years old women who had 17 years medical history of ulcerative colitis. After detection of active colitis, the patient had taken multiple synthetic medications, including sulfasalazine, steroid enemas, and mesalamine preparations, but the patient did not get effective result. She did not want to take synthetic anti-TNF treatment due to side effect burden. Therefore, clinician prescribed her 500 mg of curcumin and 40 mg of prednisone per day. After one year treatment with curcumin, the diagnostic report showed inactivation of ulcerative colitis and no ulcerative lesion. The patient also stopped to intake prednisone and reported much better condition after continuous treatment with curcumin. Therefore, Curcumin or turmeric has the potentiality to improve ulcerative colitis condition. [1]

Dosage of Turmeric

There is no specific turmeric dosage recommended for treating or preventing ulcerative colitis. Dietary intake of turmeric safe and effective to reduce the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. [6]


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