10 Foods That Cause Inflammation

10 foods that can cause inflammation

Not many people pay attention to what they eat. Several delicious foods are actually bad for you. Some of your favorite foods can contribute to inflammation in your gut. This could lead to some very painful symptoms.

If you want to stay healthy, pay close attention to what you are putting inside your body. Here are some foods that can cause inflammation and other serious problems inside your body.






Sugar makes for one of the most commonly used ingredients in our foods. However, white sugar is actually bad for you. Not only can it cause diabetes, if you have gut problems, sugar and syrup can worsen your symptoms. While the small amount of fructose in fruits and vegetables do not cause any harm, high-fructose diets have many adverse health effects.


2. Artificial Trans Fat:



Artificial Trans fats have been proven to aid in clogging of arteries and causing inflammation among other health problems. Margarine and oils that contain artificial trans fats must be avoided at all cost.


3. Fried Food:



This comes as no surprise that fried junk food causes inflammation. Fried chicken, fries, and cannot only cause you to gain weight; they contain high amounts of inflammatory components. Cut down fried and processed foods from your diet if you want to overcome persistent gut problems.


4. Refined Flour:



While whole-wheat flour is rich in dietary fiber, the refined flour is stripped of it making it harder to digest. Refined flour can contribute to inflammation, weight gain, and constipation. There are many healthy replacements to refined flour available.


5. Vegetable Oil:



Vegetable oils are used commonly in our homes and restaurants. Not many people are aware; vegetable oils are rich in inflammatory components and can increase the risk of heart diseases.


6. Processed Meat:



Processed meats that are available in the market all over the world are one of the unhealthiest foods out there. They are rich in saturated fats and chemicals that can make your inflammation worse.


7. Soda:



One of the worst things for inflammation is soda. Rich in sugars and chemicals, soda is something we all should avoid. Our body cannot process the sugar content in the soda fast enough. This can lead to various health problems. Replace carbonated drinks with fresh juices and you would see the difference yourself.


8. Artificial Sweeteners:



Contrary to popular belief, artificial sweeteners are not a healthy replacement of sugars. They can disturb the natural microbiome inside our stomachs. Artificial sweeteners decrease the number of healthy bacteria that aid in reducing inflammation and instead increase body’s intolerance to glucose.


9. Additives and Artificial Flavors:



Additives and artificial flavors that are common in store bought juices and cereals also contribute to increasing the inflammation inside your body. Try eating additives free foods to reduce the symptoms.


10. Alcohol:



While the abundance of alcohol is generally bad for your liver, it also has an inflammatory effect on your body. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation only.

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