Turmeric vs. Modern Medicine


For years people have been debating the effectiveness of modern medicines against herbal or ancient treatment methods. Some modern medication becomes a necessity for operations like surgery or in case of an injury. But, there are several ailments that can be treated with some trusted home remedies.


One of the many herbs that have proven effective in treatments, is turmeric. This miracle root contains curcumin. This component has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. People have been using turmeric to reduce swelling and pain for centuries. With the advancement of medical sciences, turmeric remains one of the most trusted ways for a quick pain relief.



According to recent studies, turmeric has proven more effective against over the counter pain medication including ibuprofen. Research indicated that people who took a fixed dosage of turmeric were more satisfied with the results, compared to the group who took medication.



Turmeric works better in reducing inflammation and pain in the body. It is effective in treating swollen joints in arthritis and helps in recovery after an injury. While over the counter medications can have some severe side effects including damaging intestinal walls, turmeric also promotes good digestive health. This trusted herb can cure several health problems caused by inflammation in the body.



As with any other medication, one thing to remember about herbal medicine is that it is very important you take the right dosage. You should not take any herb more or less than your body’s requirement. In the case of turmeric, the suggested dosage to overcome inflammation or pain is 1500mg per day.

This amount can be divided into smaller quantities and taken at several times during the day. The best way to find out how much turmeric to take to recover from a particular ailment is to visit a certified medical practitioner.

Not taking enough turmeric to meet your body’s requirement can slow the recovery process and reduce effectiveness. Overdosing on turmeric can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, and ulcers.



Another thing to consider is that you should always buy herbs that are certified and approved by the concerned authorities. Low-quality products can cause more harm than good. If you are recovering from an injury or have painful inflammation anywhere in the body, turmeric is one of the best treatments out there.

You can drink turmeric milk, tea or add it to your salads or food. While it has been proven that turmeric is more effective than pain medications, it is still vital that you consult a doctor.


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